Why don’t casinos have clocks or windows?

July 5, 2021 Posted in Gambling Tips by No Comments

Entering a casino is like entering a country where there is no such thing as time. If you think about it, you’ve probably never seen a clock on the wall or a clear window leading to the outside world at a casino. So, why don’t casinos have clocks or windows?

Casinos do not use clocks or windows in order to keep players focused on the games. The longer you play, the more money the casino makes, and clocks serve as a distraction by showing how long you’ve been playing. Casinos do not have windows for the same reason. In windows, the passage of time is depicted.

Why don’t casinos have clocks?

A clock can be found on the wall of almost every conventional business. Several companies provide this service to their consumers as an extra convenience. A clock on the wall, on the other hand, is an unwelcome distraction at casinos. That’s how the casino sees it, at least. A clock is a reference to the passage of time, and humans are wired to react to the passage of time.

Casinos can keep your attention focused for longer when time stands still. You’d be more motivated to get up and off the field if you knew how long you’d been sitting at that gaming table or machine.
You’d think finding out what time it is now wouldn’t be difficult. We all wear wristwatches or hold our phones in our palms. In the first place, we don’t need clocks. True, but there’s something to be said for looking around, seeing a clock on the wall, and knowing what time it is.

In addition, as a Las Vegas resident, I’ve stood in countless buffet lines adjacent to the casino floor, and you know what I don’t see very often? At slot machines or gaming tables, I don’t see many people with their phones in their hands. Nowadays, people are always on their phones, but this is not the case on the casino floor.
It’s not that the lack of clocks at casinos is a huge influence in people who bet for extended periods of time, but it’s a small psychological trick in a casino’s bag of tricks that can result in big house victories.

Why don’t casinos have any windows?

For the same reason that clocks are not allowed in casinos, windows are not allowed. When you’re working late at night and see it’s getting light outside, you could be shocked to wake up and go to sleep.
Casinos would argue they don’t have windows because natural light streaming on the gaming floor would blind the cards and machines. While this explanation makes logic, I’m not persuaded it’s the only one. Casinos also use the removal of windows to keep players engaged on their game. There are no references to the passage of time, and players cannot be distracted by the outside world.

I should mention that I’ve observed a few windows in Las Vegas casinos’ gambling areas. These windows, on the other hand, are always opaque, so you can’t see out, and they’re always coloured, giving the impression of eternal twilight.

While the lack of clocks and windows in casinos can restrict the amount of time players spend generating money, these aren’t the only ways casinos hold your money.
Casinos use psychological techniques to keep you coming back for more. One of the many psychological traps in a casino’s armoury is the lack of clocks and windows. Let’s take a look at some of the various ways a casino might entice you to stay longer.

Casinos used to be little more than a gambling floor featuring table games and slot machines. The largest casinos today provide a whole resort experience, including shopping, great restaurants, pools, spas, and other amenities.
Casinos have discovered that the happier their clients are, the longer they remain and the more money they spend. There is no better venue than Las Vegas to witness this. Everything about a Las Vegas casino/resort is designed to make you happy!